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(ENG) In a time when the world of dance music is populated by a toxic mix of egos and sync buttons, Barcelona’s GarcyNoise circumnavigates the boundaries of old school house whilst dipping into traditional techno, acid and a whole host of other genres along the way. A true purveyor of the old school sound, GarcyNoise cares not about the latest fads and gimmicks, just straight-up, real music, delivered straight to your ears.

Living and breathing music might be a timeless cliché, but for GarcyNoise it’s a way of life. By day, Ruben Garcia works tirelessly in the studio mastering, mixing and producing original music for radio, television and the video game industry, but as GarcyNoise, his musical output leaves him standing head and shoulders above his peers.

Not one to play the latest cut and paste EDM crowd pleasers, GarcyNoise prefers to experiment a little more and keep things sounding fresh. Known for his sets that are filled with quality, original material, GarcyNoise ensures no set is ever the same by playing his own edits and versions of tracks to suit each night; a conscientious provider for the scene, you’ll often find these private edits are available from his Soundcloud page. Not content with including only custom edits to spice up his sets, with access to an ever-growing collection of vintage synths and a penchant for building his own custom synths, GarcyNoise likes to keep you guessing until the very last moment.

The years of hard work and passion for music culminated in a respected record label – Justified Cause. 9 years on and GarcyNoise still feverishly toils night and day ensuring that only the highest quality productions pass through what has become one of Barcelona’s premier independent electronic music labels in the techno and house genre.

Whether you know GarcyNoise through his solo productions, or as a DJ and a label boss, or through his work as Aiby & The Noise, Körper Und Seele (with Pablo Bolívar) or Poor Hoax, one thing is for certain – Ruben Garcia is a master of his craft and works with a passion that is so rarely found in electronic music these days. When it comes to music, GarcyNoise is a man with a Justified Cause, forget what it is the media tells you to like – you’ll find everything you need right here.





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