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Iñaki Kreator

(CAS) Muchos años han pasado desde que Iñaki lanzó su carrera hacia la “electronic music”, pero años atrás con tan solo 15 años, ya formo parte en grupos de punk, hardcore, grind core…, como: Moco Disuelto, Karkoma. Tuvo la suerte de poder vivir en primera persona toda la revolución musical underground de finales de los 80 y principios de los 90 en España, Londres, Francia, Suiza…y recoger todo lo que llegaba a nivel de estilos e influencias…y eso le ha marcado para siempre.

Gracias a su trabajo constante, su técnica, una grandísima colección musical y un afán constante por investigar y conocer… le han llevado a ser uno de los artistas más eclécticos de la península, estando presente siempre en todos los eventos underground de la península, compartiendo escenarios con gente como: Jeff Mills, Vitalic, Front 242, Paul Kakbrenner, Manu Le Malin, Playd, David Carreta, Zombi Nation , Sideral, Scan X, Miss Kittin, Oscar Mulero , Keny Larkin, Claude young, Dmx Crew, Junke Xl, Ellen Allien…

Las etiquetas nunca ha sido su fuerte ya que en sus sesiones podemos escuchar estilos como:Techno, Electro, Indsutrial, Breaks, Nu Rave,EBM…y todo lo que se le ocurra en cada ocasión, huyendo siempre de modas y estereotipos. De ahí nacen sus otras facetas como Lespoir Underground, un proyecto enfocado mucho más a la electrónica y los breaks, editando para los sellos Musex industries y Psk 808 Net Work.

En el 2000 la agencia U-bahn/Gereration mix de Francia se fijan en él, y participa en clubs y grandes festivales como: “La parade tech “(30000 personas) actuando con: Jack de Marselle, Scan X, Manu le Malin, Delta Plan, Kraft, 69 Db, and Pig Gim…entre otros.

Es co-Director de los labels I-Traxx (Red y Black), Sofa Tunes y Musex industries junto a sus compañeros, Fat Cat, SuperSobreSaturado y Aitor Burgui.

Uno de sus proyectos más destacados es la formación de la banda Chit Chat Sex Band, un grupo que incorpora al cantante americano Sam y al músico Pablo Gimeno, y que está dando mucho que hablar, con una gran aceptación en los circuitos underground por su fuerza y puesta en escena. Recorre estilos como el Electro rock, Post Punk,EBM, Dark Wave… Durante estos años Iñaki a publicado en labels como Alfa Matrix (sello de Depeche Mode,Front 242…) Nubody Rec, Subspecies, Dark Garden, Itraxx , Musex Industries… entre otros.

Entre su otra faceta como compositor de pelis y documentales, podemos destacar la película “Amama” de Asier Altuna y el Documental/largometraje que compuso junto a Mikel salas ”Mami ya se donde está el dinero”.


(ENG) Iñaki Calvo (Kreator a.k.a. Chit Chat) launched his musical career when he formed Karkoma, a grindcore act with a sound influenced by groups like Napalm Death, Corrosion of Conformity, and Defekation; the project only lasted two years given that Iñaki had become enamored with electronic music. When he broke up the band, he began to DJ as resident at Scream (Pamplona). He tripped out with the sounds, vocals, and structures of the tracks he was hearing in those days, records from artists like Komakino, The House Doctor, The Hipnotist, Tragic Error, Atom Tear, Joey Beltran, and Praga Khan. Now known as Kreator, Iñaki began to play out around Spain: Pamplona (Sector, Lìmite, Reverendos, Màs y Màs…) Vitoria-Gasteiz (Pravda, Capital, Cìrculo…) Donostia-San Sebastian (Ku) Madrid (Consulado) Bilbao (Desvìo, No Data) Valladolid (Fun Damental, Subterfugio) and so on. As Iñaki Kreator’s reputation grew, he was beginning to introduce more powerful and dissonant sounds into his sessions (Hard-Tek, Industrial, Avant-Tek, Hard Acid.) He had the good fortune to meet Badou and Fhilipp, two cool cats who were running the U-Bahn agency in Bordeaux, France. They promptly brought him to Toulouse and Bordeaux for gigs alongside Jack de Marselle, Scan X, Manu le Malin, Delta Plan, Kraft, 69 Db, and Pig Gim Experience. Proof that the French club scene had embraced him, Iñaki was invited over the next four consecutive years to play the Parade Techno, Bordeaux’s rolling festival during Carnaval where the DJ’s spin from flat-bed trucks throughout the city. While continuing to expand the breadth of his musical knowledge, he wanted to grow even more as an artist; given that he had previous experience (with Karkoma) composing, producing, and playing original songs, he decided to create electronic music. Under a new stage name, Chit Chat, he got his hands on some hardware and quickly began to play well-received live sets of his own tracks in Switzerland, France, and Spain. In addition to a dual trajectory as DJ and solo artist, Iñaki sought to collaborate with others and explore new musical territory. He formed 3 Tap, a group that fused sequencers and samplers with guitars, live percussion, and bass. The ensemble only played four shows due to each member choosing to pursue individual projects. His next collaboration was El CÍrculo, a hip-hop act that played the Breakdance Festival of Spain in Zaragoza. But Iñaki soon chose to refocus on developing his own live act. The decision was rewarded when Chit Chat was selected a winner of Donostia-San Sebastian’s Elektronikaldia Festival. His prize was the inclusion of an original Chit Chat track on the festival’s compilation CD, as well as a headliner performance along with Super Collider in the Kursaal Auditorium. From there, Iñaki would go on to play to bigger and bigger crowds, sharing stages with Front 242, Zombie Nation, David Carreta, Mix-Master Morris, Playd, Claude Young, Steve Stoll, Regis, Manu le Malin, Mark Broom, Alek Star, Fumiya Tanaka, Woman Affair, Gaetek, Lady Packa, Sideral, Codec and Flexor, Oscar Mulero, Cristian Wunch, Omar & Undo, Angel Molina, Miss Kittin, Richard Bartz, and many others. A restless spirit, Iñaki Kreator a.k.a. Chit Chat continues to evolve as both producer and DJ in the two predominant musical styles that have defined his career to date: electronica (Illbient, Down-tempo, Trip-hop etc.) and electro-techno. These two distinct lines have merged in his latest live-music project, The Chit Chat Sex Band.




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